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Built in 2013, and a brainchild of an eminent architect, Francisco Donis, Dubai Frame was constructed to interrelate the new city and the old city, both artistically and innovatively. A world record holder for the largest picture frame in the world, the vision from the old city frame of reference holds an ultramodern perspective of Dubai’’s future. While the new city view opens the door to the traditional side of Dubai, the old city point of view covers Dubai’s luxurious sky scrapers and urban lifestyle.

With an impressive height of 150 meters, this picture frame not only offers a 360-degree view of the entire city but also ensures a beautiful experience of viewing distinct landmarks around. Right from the alluring, colorful lights to the geometric decors inside, historically famous and culturally rich structures such as the Dubai Creek & Deira, the Emirate of Sharjah lie to the northeast, essentially constituting the Old Dubai. To the southwest of this giant golden framed Dubai Frame lies the Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, with all its luxury, modern skyscrapers and magnificent mixture of architecture and technology.

Burj Khalifa View
Burj Khalifa

Inspired by a desert flower, the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is truly a global icon. Situated alongside The Dubai Mall, this 828-meter tall structure comprises 1.85 million square feet of residential space and 300,000 square feet of office space. Right from dawning the world’s highest observation deck at 555m on the 148th food, a dine-in restaurant and a rooftop lounge, to Armani Hotel Dubai and the Armani Residences, Burj Khalifa derives its grandeur from two observation decks, four freshwater pools, health and wellness facilities and best in the world staff.

Garden Glow in Dubai
Dubai Garden Glow

Nothing short of a mirage in a desert, and amongst the biggest glow-in-the-dark parks, Dubai Garden Glow is no less magic. With five different sections hosting over 450 nature-inspired installations and a floating aquatic life installation, this garden is filled with visual artwork and illustrations and seasonal attractions. Dubai Garden Glow offers the experience of time travelling through the Jurassic era and the ice age with a dedicated dinosaur zone and unique ice sculptures. Savour your taste buds with a plethora of street-style food offered throughout the garden and entertain yourself with some thrilling acrobatic performances.

  • The distance between Dubai Garden Glow and the Dubai Frame is 3kms.
museum of illusion
Museum of Illusions

Featuring more than 60 visual exhibits covering both entertainment and information, filled with holograms and optical illusions, the Museum of Illusions promises to trick your mind. With a deep scientific intent to ensure out-of-box learning of the human brain and science, this Museum offers a Vortex Tunnel, Dilemma games and the Ames and Titled rooms. You can also indulge in some fun activities such as in the playroom, wherein you solve puzzles to challenge your mind.

  • The distance between the Museum of Illusions and the Dubai Frame is 4.9kms.
Deira Dubai

Popularly known as the cultural and traditional side of Dubai, Deira is clubbed with Bur Dubai, Karama and Satwa; completing the essence of ‘Old Dubai’. Adorned with the presence of historic markets such as the Gold Souk, a street filled with enormous amounts of gold sold openly, and Spice Souk, filled with the world’s finest spices for cheaper prices. Apart from the markets, there are numerous places to visit such as the Al Ahmadiya School and Heritage House, Deira Clocktower, Dhow Wharfage, Mamzar park, Dubai Municipality Museum, Women’s Museum, Jungle Bay Water Park, Dinner Dhow Cruises and the Old Textile Souk.

  • Deira is 8.8 kms away from Dubai Frame.

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Emirates Tower
Emirates Tower

A classic redefinition of luxury and one of the best structures in the world, Emirates Tower houses 9 dining and nightlife venues along with world-class restaurants such as the La Cantine du, Flow, Mundo, Leen’s Emirates Towers and the Rib Room Restaurant. With complimentary beach access, an exclusive women-only floor and a collection of luxury facilities and innovative therapies, Emirates Towers promises nothing less than a celebrity treatment.

  • The distance between Emirates Tower and the Dubai Frame is 17.7 kms.

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Al Karama
Al Karama

With the lively local culture and an alternative to the towering skyscrapers of Dubai, Al Karama is situated in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Dubai. A central shopping hub, popularly known as the Karama Market, consists of over 300 shops spread across several buildings and complexes. If you are looking for beautiful, handcrafted textiles and if you have a zeal for bargaining, Al Karama is the right place to explore. Do not worry about the food since there are various options to explore around, including the finest Indian and Pakistani food along with the traditional Arabian cuisine. The restaurants are budget-friendly and the locals are much delighted to serve. A town filled with artists, armed-up guitars, pearl diving and abstractness; Al Karama is undoubtedly a traditional insight into the rich heritage of Dubai.

  • The distance between Al Karama and the Dubai Frame is 4kms.

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Zabeel Park
Zabeel Park

A first of its kind, Zabeel Park is not only one of the largest parks in Dubai but is also a technology-motivated green space. With options varying from a full-fledged BMX track to cricket, football, mini-golf, skating and skateboarding, and home to Dubai Frame, Zabeel park is equivalent to the size of 45 football fields. Entertainment in the form of live music and boat rides is available and specific barbecue and picnic areas are provided for a private event. Zabeel Park hosts a beautiful landscape and is a platform for seasonal flea markets and exhibitions such as the Dubai Garden Glow.

  • The distance between Zabeel Park and the Dubai Frame is 3kms.

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Gold Souk
Gold Souk

Imagine an entire locality filled with gold, silver, diamonds and pearls; with every other vendor selling a vast collection of jewellery, Gold Souk is not just a fascinating place to visit, but an unforgettable experience to cherish. Located towards the Deira side of the Dubai Creek, Gold Souk is filled with a collection of home decor and accessories, spices, textiles and various other artefacts. The warm, inviting and traditional vibe across the Gold Souk is unmatched.

  • The distance between Gold Souk and the Dubai Frame is 10 kms.

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Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek

Also known as Khor Dubai, and spanning across 14kms, Dubai Creek is not just a comfortable area to take a stroll by in Dubai but is also home to the world’s second tallest tower, the Dubai Creek Tower. Right from Abra rides, the Dubai Frame, JA Bateaux Dubai, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht club to Children’s City, Hindi lane, Museum of Illusions and The Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek will inevitably keep you on your toes. Famous restaurants such as the Al Hamidieh, known for its Arabic dishes and Al Mallah Seef, boasting the best shawarma in town to popular international chains like Baskin Robbins, Dubai Creek offers great dining options too.

  • The distance between Dubai Creek and the Dubai Frame is 3kms.

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Dubai Flying Cup.jpg
Flying Cup Dubai

Located at JBR on Dubai beach; a popular amusement ride, the Flying Cup Dubai is a giant circular table ensuring that you enjoy all the views uninterruptedly. It soars up to 131 feet (40 metres) and offers a 360-degree view. You can also choose to dine in from the Flying Cup while you enjoy the view, provided you upgrade for a longer dinner flight. With a motive to provide its passengers with an ‘elevated experience’, the Flying cup can be enjoyed by individuals, couples and families alike.

  • The distance between Flying Cup Dubai and the Dubai Frame is 29.8kms.

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Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Nestled between the alluring setting of the placid Creek and yet, at a stone’s throw from the busy city centre, The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is voted as one of the world’s ‘Top 100 Must-Play Golf Courses’. With 18 hole championship golf course, 9-hole par 3 courses, a golf academy and a 121-berth marina, this golf club is not just home to world-class golf but also best-in-class hospitality from the entire staff. Moreover, to add to a comfortable dining experience, there are six restaurants. Furthermore, there is a modern gymnasium, a swimming pool, a 223-bedroom Park Hyatt Dubai, and 90+ residential executive villas. Being one of the most clicked landmarks since 1993, Dubai Creek and Yacht Club are designed to uphold the seafaring traditions and the traditional Arab Dhow.

  • The distance between Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and the Dubai Frame is 9.9 kms.
Safa Park
Safa Park

One of the oldest parks in Dubai, situated amidst Al Safa, Al Wasi and Jumeirah, Safa park promises a magnificent view of the skyline. With just a walk away from the well-known Sheikh Zayed Road, this park is not only a picnic spot for families but also a quiet little getaway for couples and older people. Safa park is home to over 200 bird species, has a dedicated area for ladies' park and kids' play areas and even boasts a cute train ride. Moreover, for the young adults, an electronic games and sports centre is also provided. Enjoy the soothing calm water of the Dubai Canal which passes through Safa Park as you stroll by.

  • The distance between Safa Park and the Dubai Frame is 10.1 kms.

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