Dubai Frame Facts

Know 9 Interesting Facts About World's Largest Frame
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Dubai Frame Facts

  • More than AED 160 million has been spent on the making of the Dubai Frame.
  • Both the towers of Dubai are connected by a bridge of 100 square meters and a 25 meters glass panel inset, from where a 360-degree view of the entire Dubai can be seen.
  • One of the Dubai Frame facts one should be aware of is that it is around 152 meters tall and 95 meters wide.
  • The most interesting facts about Dubai Frame is that it is covered with gold stainless steel with a ring design on its exterior, inspired by the logo of Expo 2020.
  • The Dubai frame is also known as Berwaz Dubai in Arabic.
  • The elevator to the sky deck can carry visitors to 48 floors in 75 seconds.
  • Frame’s rectangular design was cached from a ‘golden ratio’ of 1.618, and these measurements are categorized as the balanced ideal structure.
  • The frame can take only 200 visitors per hour. So just 20 groups of people are sent to the augmented reality shops - tickets need to be purchased in advance according to the time slot.
  • The Dubai frame facts are glossy; the frames include Dubai Past Gallery, Sky Deck, Social Media Wall, And Souvenir Shop.

Is Dubai Frame Worth A Visit?

Dubai Frame Facts
  • Yes, visiting the Dubai frame is a complete diamond package. As you will find facts about Dubai Frame, you will find the place as a fine feather served to you and will surely enjoy your investment in such a tour.

  • You’ll be entertained throughout your trip with great points such as a dancing musical fountain, drinking coffee above 150 meters from the ground, panoramic lifts, and many more interactive places.

  • In addition, you have an opportunity to enrich your experience by viewing stunning 360-degree panoramic views of Dubai. From the luxurious 7-star hotels to heritage tourism, Dubai is a twinkling start that engages people's attention.

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Experience The Dubai Frame From Inside

Dubai Frame is one of the unmatchable engineering and architectural marvels of the UAE. Its unique structure and opportunity to look at Dubai from a different perspective with the splendid view of the city invites a lot of visitors every year. Dubai Frame has some of the best attractions for its tourists , such as an insightful museum on the second floor which has documented the complete development of the Dubai Frame from scratch. There is a mesmerizing Sky deck which promises to be the best point for catching the panoramic beauty of Dubai, in addition to the colourful and enchanting Vortex tunnel. The most thrilling part of the frame is the glass walkway connecting the two top points of the frame and walking on it is nothing less than adventure in itself.

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The Museum on the Second Floor
The Museum on the Second Floor

The journey to understand Dubai Frame's interesting facts starts with a mezzanine level where you can view the finest museum and art galleries. It also allows you to explore a nomadic Bedouin fishing and pearl diving village to what the present Emirate is like.

Multiple amazing effects create a visually appealing experience that will make your Dubai Frame visit remarkable. In addition to the visual impact, the sound effect gives a compelling feel, too, as it makes the listener enjoy the sea shore. Visiting the museum is a wholesome experience for everyone, where they can get insight about the frame without feeling monotonous about it.

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The Sky Deck Level
The Sky Deck Level

Once you’re done with your mezzanine experience, you will be moving forward to witness another beauty of Dubai. The SkyDeck level allows you to visualize the creativity level through augmented reality. The amazing use of 3D technology gives the visitors an experience beyond their expectation along with the panoramic view of the golden city which is like icing on the cake. These places speak everything about the Dubai frame facts and visiting them opens a new window to understand the renaissance and popularity of Dubai.

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The Vortex Tunnel
The Vortex Tunnel

Once you’re done with two stunning points inside the frame, you’ll move towards the Vortex Tunnel. This space is covered with special light and sound effects, providing immense satisfaction to the mind and soul. Inside the Vortex Tunnel, you can feel the time machine experience, which has taken you the past 40-50 years. The genius use of Augmented Reality in the Vortex Tunnel really pushes visitors 50 years back and experience the intricacies of the past.

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The Glass Walkway
The Glass Walkway

The Glass Walkway is amongst the most interesting and adventurous parts of the Dubai Frame. The walkway connects the topmost floor on either side of the frame with each other and walking over it and looking down at the depths of the frame is a quite daredevilry but amazing feat. While standing at the center of the walkway, one has easy access to the mind boggling view of all the four directions of the city. The walkway also has a cafe which provides finest beverages and cuisines to relish while taking a look at the modern city of Dubai through the clouds.

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Related Tips For Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame
  • Being a very famous attraction, the queues for purchasing tickets and security checks are quite long, thus it is advisable to reach the frame at least an hour before to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  • Only 200 visitors are allowed every hour inside the premises. Maximum 20 people are allowed during private tours.
  • Visitors can also opt for special check-in passes online so that they can book their entry slots according to their convenience and avoid the long queues.
  • Be advised that any kind of luggage is not allowed inside the premises of Dubai Frame, so please avoid them.
  • For the people coming with luggage and heavy hand bags will be required to submit them at lockers present at the entrance.
  • Photography is prohibited inside the two galleries at Dubai Frame. Rest all places are available for photography and videography.
  • Parents coming along with strollers will be required to leave them at the entrance as they are not allowed inside Dubai Frame. The continuous rolling and scratching of the strollers can damage the frame’s glass, so everyone should abide by the rule.
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FAQ's Of Dubai Frame

What is the height of the Dubai Frame?

The height of Dubai Frame, an engineering marvel, is 150 meters or approximately 492 feet above ground level. So enjoying your evenings and witnessing a sunset 150 meters above the ground sounds unique and fascinating.

How many floors are there in the Dubai Frame?

While exploring the Dubai frame exciting facts, one thinks about the no. of floors this massive architecture has. Well, the Dubai frame has 48 floors, each giving you a mesmerizing view of the Dubai landscape. Another Dubai frame interesting fact is its elevator for these 48 floors

What is the frame in Dubai made of?

A massive structure like Dubai Frame needs some solid material to sustain the load as well as the expectations of the engineers. Thus, this eye candy of Dubai was built using materials like reinforced concrete and steel, and to provide a gloss finish, laminated glass was used.

What is the best time to go to Dubai Frame?

Any time is the best time to witness the beauty of Dubai Frame, as it is always ready to host visitors. But one of the essential Dubai Frame facts is that one should visit during morning hours to see the lively city of Dubai or in the evening, particularly during sunset, which is a treat to their eyes.

What is the ticket price for Dubai Frame?

The ticket price for an Adult is AED 50 to visit the Dubai Frame. People can easily book them through online web portals and skip the queue for convenient check-ins and check-outs. Apart from this, multiple combo tickets are available on the official Dubai Tourism website, where you get great offers to visit other destinations too.

What are the best places to visit near Dubai Frame?

The famous places to visit from Dubai Frame are Burj Khalifa, Dubai Garden Glow, Dubai Mall, Green Planet Dubai & more.

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