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Dubai Frame, the UAE's most renowned cultural landmark, is an iconic structure that 'frames' breathtaking spectacles of Dubai's illustrious past and magnificent present. Offering spectacular panoramic views of the city, Dubai Frame Inside exhibits Dubai's history, from its inception to its ambitious future development plans.

This architectural landmark, located in Zabeel Park, holds the world record for the largest frame. Dubai Frame is glass, aluminum, steel, and reinforced concrete structure. It is situated in such a way that it provides views of Dubai's stunning district to the north and breathtaking views of the modern cityscape to the south.

Immerse yourself in the past displayed in the Museum through the use of cutting-edge technology, animations, and holographic effects. Step onto the 150-meter-high and 93-meter-long glass skywalk deck and look down at the ground below feeling as if you're walking on air. Visit the Future Zone to get transported to the Dubai of the future, complete with underwater living, incredible space missions, and flying taxis. With Dubai Frame Inside tickets, you can enjoy an immersive experience while also learning about the city's past, present, and future.

Dubai Frame
Walk Across The Bridge

The glass skywalk, one of the best features of the Dubai Frame, provides visitors with amazing views of the city's skyline as well as excellent photo opportunities. It is a 93-meter-long glass bridge that connects both the corners of Dubai Frame at 150 meters in height.

A 75-second elevator ride will take you to the sky deck, where you can see the unfolding of the city's magnificent views through its glass panels. Take a walk across the glass bridge to see some of the city's most breathtaking views, or look down through the glass floor and realize how high you are and feel the adrenaline rush.

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Click a Perfect Selfie
Click a Perfect Selfie

Aside from knowing about the city's past, present and future at Dubai Frame Inside, you can also take a few selfies here to remember your trip to the world's largest frame. Capture some beautiful moments on the sky deck with the stunning panoramic scenery in the background from 150 m height.

Alternatively, take some beautiful pictures of yourself in front of this iconic architectural marvel to share them on social media. You will undoubtedly discover plenty of photo opportunities both inside and outside the Dubai Frame, which you can save as a memento for the future.

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Enjoy Delicious Meals
Enjoy Delicious Meals

Begin your day with a spectacular dining experience of pastries and cakes and a refreshing cup of coffee as the sun rises and paints the city golden. As you take in the best perspective of the city and stand amongst the walls of the frame, a delicious breakfast will undoubtedly be a blissful experience.

The breakfast session at the top of Dubai Frame is available between 6 AM to 8 AM. You can also visit Dubai Frame nearby restaurants such as Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant, Zou Zou Restaurant, Pind Da Dhaba, Yamanote Uptown Mirdiff, or Saleem’s of Delhi, offering varied choices to suit the preferences of every guest.

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Dubai Frame museum
Pay Your Visit To Museum

The 'Old Dubai Gallery', located on the Mezzanine floor, provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the city's history through various multimedia displays. As you go through the city's development from a Bedouin fishing village to today's busy metropolis, you'll gain a unique perspective on Emirati culture and tradition.

The Museum transports visitors back in time to old Dubai through the use of historical artifacts, video presentations, projections, and specially made fragrances and mists. Visit this part of the Dubai Frame Inside to relive the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the Old Dubai in a multi-sensory experience.

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Present Dubai
Witness Present Dubai

Present Dubai is the city's breathtaking skyline as seen from the Sky deck. All sides of Dubai Frame are surrounded by glass walls, providing uninterrupted views of Dubai. While the north side presents Old Dubai, New Dubai is towards the south. Your ride to the Sky deck is an experience in itself, as the Dubai Frame Inside's glass panels allow you to take in the vistas as you ascend.

Through augmented reality and activated screens, you'll get to know insider information and insights into the city's progress. You will also learn about Dubai's skyscrapers and monuments, and the various facets of modern Dubai, such as economy, infrastructure, and architecture, all in a three-dimensional environment.

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Future Dubai Gallery
Embrace Future Dubai

Returning down the other arm of Dubai Frame Inside, you'll find the Future Dubai Gallery exhibit on the mezzanine level. The gallery transports visitors to a futuristic world through the use of dazzling visuals projected on the interiors of a vortex tunnel. Equipped with augmented reality technology, this tunnel paints an image of Dubai's future.

The sophisticated audio and visual effects create the illusion of being trapped in a time machine rushing toward Dubai in the year 2050. Here, you'll find everything from air taxis to underwater life to spectacular space missions complete with visual and auditory effects, depicting the future and highlighting the excitement.

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Dubai Frame

1. Known As : Dubai Frame is also known as Dubai Photo Frame, Golden Frame Dubai, Berwaz Dubai, and the biggest picture frame on the planet.

2. Dubai Frame Height : 150 Meters

3. Dubai Frame Width : 90 Meters

4. Location : Gate 4, Zabeel Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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